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Willie McKemie mckemie at spamcop.net
Fri Mar 4 03:12:27 CET 2005

> > HEY!  I think I've got it!  I put "~mailman/bin/list_members >
> > list_members" in a cron job and got a list_members file that contains
> > list_members help.
> 	Oh?  Wow.  I wouldn't have expected that you'd be that lucky.  Cool.

Now, I'm stuck (again).  Doing "~mailman/bin/list_members [listname] > 
[listname]" created [listname] but left it empty.

Doing "~mailman/bin/list_lists > list_lists" created list_lists but 
left it empty.

So, it appears that I'm not really getting to my mailman data.  
Probably some path problem that I don't understand.

Taking some other tacks, I have access to supposed mailman backup files. 
Including there is a config.pck for each list.  The .pck files contain 
the subscribers, but not in an easily decipherable form.  Any idea what 
I might do with a .pck file?

I just did a local install of mailman to try to better understand where 
things are, but I haven't gotten it to start.  Probably because I don't 
have a mail server.  I do have apache running on the same box that has 
mailman.  Any suggestions on using a local mailman?  How to turn off the 
expectation of actually sending mail?

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