[Mailman-Users] Need help with "content filtering"

Pete Holsberg pjh42 at comcast.net
Sat Mar 5 18:26:28 CET 2005

Thanks, Mark.

I decided to create a test mailing list to experiment with 
content filtering. Incidentally, this is Mailman v2.1.5.

Edit filter content: YES
Filter mime types: (blank)
Pass mime types:
Convert HTML to plaintext: (see below)
Filter action: Forward to list owner

I created a simple two-line HTML "page" in Word and pasted 
it in to Outlook (set to send HTML) but without stationery.

It didn't matter whether "Convert HTML to plain text" was 
YES or NO: In both cases, all HTML font formatting was 
stripped out. However the link I had in the original was 

I'd be happy to email the simple test page to anyone off list.

This is really confusing me!


If my HTML page has an image in it ("stationery"), it will 
be treated as an attachment. Won't Mailman remove it because 
it doesn't have an approved content type? It doesn't. 
Instead it blocks the message and sends me this:

"The attached message matched the XXX mailing
list's content filtering rules and was prevented from being 
on to the list membership.  You are receiving the only 
remaining copy
of the discarded message."

When I send the same page without the image, the message is 


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