[Mailman-Users] Emergency Moderation: No notify to moderator?

John W. Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Wed Mar 9 00:48:32 CET 2005

On 3/8/2005 13:08, "Mark Sapiro" <msapiro at value.net> wrote:

> Larry Rosenman wrote:
>> I'm installing Mailman for a client, and they are testing it (this is a good
>> thing), and they ask:
>> (8) Put list on emergency moderation and tried to post from subscribed
>> address 
>> (do NOT get any notification to moderator that a message is pending.  Seems
>> like that isn't right).
>> Is this a bug or a feature?
> It's a feature. The docstring from Emergency.py says
> """Put an emergency hold on all messages otherwise approved.
> No notices are sent to either the sender or the list owner for emergency
> holds.  I think they'd be too obnoxious.
> """

It's intentional.  Whether it's a design error or a feature seems to be open
to debate.  At least, the feature triggers repeated questions here.

It might be fun to consider an algorithm for deciding whether or not to send
alerts to moderators something like
    if no messages are awaiting moderator action before this one is added,
   else if emergency moderation is in effect, don't notify
   else [I'm not sure whether notify or or don't notify is right here]


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