[Mailman-Users] subscribeack.txt ?

Dana Rasmussen dana at rasmussen.us
Thu Mar 10 21:27:19 CET 2005


I would like to modify the standard welcome message new subscribers will 

I understand that additions to the welcome message can be made through 
the admin pages.

I searched the FAQs and found that the file templates/subscribeack.txt 
can be modified as well.

Can I have a different version of subscribeack.txt for each list on my 
mailman server?

I am unsure of the pathname location for my modified vesion of 
sbscribeack.txt.  The FAQs say to "create a directory 
lists/<yourlist>/en (assumming English :) and copy 
templates/subscribeack.txt to this directory."

What is the fully qualified pathname for my modified version of 
subscribeack.txt?  One of my lists name is "scayso".

Would it be /mailman/lists/scayso/en/subscribeack.txt?

For additional lists would the pathname be /mailman/lists/<list 

Thank you,


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