[Mailman-Users] subscribeack.txt ?

Aaron Crosman ACrosman at afsc.org
Thu Mar 10 21:48:38 CET 2005

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> Subject: [Mailman-Users] subscribeack.txt ?
> Hello,
> I would like to modify the standard welcome message new 
> subscribers will receive.
> I understand that additions to the welcome message can be 
> made through the admin pages.
> I searched the FAQs and found that the file 
> templates/subscribeack.txt can be modified as well.
> Can I have a different version of subscribeack.txt for each 
> list on my mailman server?
> I am unsure of the pathname location for my modified vesion 
> of sbscribeack.txt.  The FAQs say to "create a directory 
> lists/<yourlist>/en (assumming English :) and copy 
> templates/subscribeack.txt to this directory."
> What is the fully qualified pathname for my modified version 
> of subscribeack.txt?  One of my lists name is "scayso".
> Would it be /mailman/lists/scayso/en/subscribeack.txt?
> For additional lists would the pathname be /mailman/lists/<list 
> name>/en/subscribeack.txt?
> Thank you,
> Dana

The location of your lists directory varies depending on your setup.

For instance my SuSE 9.1 installation (from SuSE RPM's) places the lists
directory at:

Other have lists in:

I believe it's common to find lists in /usr/local/mailman/lists/ and
many other locations (it seems most distros seem to feel the need to use
a different location just to be different).

If you don't know where your lists live, you should be able to find them
using the find.  There are several ways to do that I would choose:
find -type d / | grep <list name> 2> /dev/null

There are probably more elegant ways to find the path, but this should
get you the information you need.  If you only have FTP access you'll
need a more elegant solution since running find wont be an option.


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