[Mailman-Users] Getting the subscriber list

Joshua Beall jbeall at heraldic.us
Sat Mar 12 04:44:04 CET 2005

Hi All,

I have a very simple question that I'm sure is covered somewhere in the 
docs, but I have yet to find it.  What I want to do is grab the subscribers 
for one of our mailman lists - either through the web interface, or using 
email commands.  The list is hosted on a shared server, and I don't have 
access to the command line scripts, so I need to do it one of those two ways 
(unless I am mistaken about something?).

The reason being that we are moving from one shared server to another, and 
we want to grab all the subscribers from the list hosted on the old server, 
and mass subscribe them to the list hosted on the new server.

Any help?  I know this must be doable since there is even an option to 
control who is able to see the subscriber list.  But I can't figure out how 
exactly to actually *see* the list in an format that will allow me to grab 
all the addesses (not just starting with a particular letter).


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