[Mailman-Users] News-to-mail gateway

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Mar 16 00:38:55 CET 2005

At 12:50 AM +0200 2005-03-16, Puiu @ Xentra wrote:

>  Thanks a lot for your help, I'd be more than happy if commercial software
>  would have such a good support service. I'll do my best to offer support
>  for my project, at least as good as you are offering to Mailman users.
>  Anyway, after hours of work and research, guys from sf.net ( which
>  otherwise is a very good thing ) discovered the problem and the solution:
>  "this feature is unsupported on sf.net" :)

	I saw that.  Sad, but true.

>  I'll take another approach to this problem, I'll install Mailman and INN on
>  a freebsd, so I'll have control with both Mailman and INN.

	That should work fine.  Another alternative would be to switch 
hosting providers, and use one that does support the mail-to-news 
gateway.  If you're interested in considering that alternative, see 

>  BTW, offtopic, what news server would you reccomend, that works
>  best with Mailman ?

	INN should work fine.  For running small USENET news servers, INN 
is one of the best solutions I know of.  If you want a big and 
highly-scalable server, I'd recommend looking at Diablo.  But either 
should work fine.

>  Thanks and congratultaions for you dedication in supporting others,

	I'm sorry we weren't able to help you get a better solution.  ;(

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