[Mailman-Users] loss of messages with text attachment

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Mar 17 16:02:08 CET 2005

Richelle Jean wrote:
>The messages sent to our local mailman lists never arrive to the list 
>members if they have any kind of attachment even text/plain.  But the 
>messages with text/plain attachments appear in the archive. The other 
>messages appear in the archive only after using unshunt.

There should be messages in Mailman's 'error' log relating to the
shunted messages.

>The configuration of Content filtering is to enable filtering and 
>remove message attachments that does not match multipart/mixed, 
>text/plain .
>Is there any other settings elsewhere that interfere with handling 
>message having attachments ?

and the references therein regarding content filtering.

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