[Mailman-Users] unsubscribe errors

Chance Eppinette eppinette at ulm.edu
Thu Mar 17 19:51:38 CET 2005

I am using Mailman v. 2.1.5 on Solaris for about 1 month now.
I have a list that we populate via a mass subscription file.
However, there are 4 addresses that I can't remove now:

:nsmith at mail.tec.la.us
email:sbsit at bayou.com
missy.adams at g77j@statefarm.com
showt:brwnsuga at aol.com

As you can see they all have invalid characters or syntax, specifically the
I can't get these to remove from the list either through the GUI nor from
the command line.

Any suggestions.

Chance Eppinette
Technology Support Manager
ULM Computing Center
eppinette at ulm.edu
318-342-5021 (phone)
318-342-5018 (fax)

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