[Mailman-Users] content filtering not working as expected

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Mar 19 23:01:48 CET 2005

martin f krafft wrote:
>I have a 2.1.5 installation, and one list is using the following
>content_filter options:
>  filter_content = True
>  filter_mime_types = ''
>  pass_mime_types = """multipart
>  text
>  application/pgp-signature
>  application/pdf"""
>  convert_html_to_plaintext = True
>  filter_action = 1                 # reject
>We just received a message with a application/octet_stream
>attachment. My interpretation of the settings are that the message
>should have been rejected. However, the message merely got
>filtered, the attachment was stripped, and the message passed
>through without an attachment.
>Is this a bug or expected behaviour?

This is expected. filter_action is only taken when nothing remains
after filtering. The following text is on the Details for
filter_action page.

  One of these actions is take when the message matches one of the
  content filtering rules, meaning, the top-level content type matches
  one of the filter_mime_types, or the top-level content type does not
  match one of the pass_mime_types, or if after filtering the subparts
  of the message, the message ends up empty.

  Note this action is not taken if after filtering the message still
  contains content. In that case the message is always forwarded on to
  the list membership.

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