[Mailman-Users] Major admin problems

Jim Tittsler jwt at onjapan.net
Sun Mar 20 03:26:10 CET 2005

On Mar 20, 2005, at 03:17, Michael Anderson wrote:
> 1. Regular mail is not being delivered.

Are you sure the qrunner is being invoked by cron every minute?
Are there no clues in the logs/* files?  Or in your mail server's logs?
Are the messages still in the qfiles/ directory?

> The systems admin who is NOT a unix expert thinks the drive is 
> seriously
> corrupted. So, I need to pull off the subscriber list and rebuild the 
> drive.

If you save the contents of the ~mailman/lists directory you will be 
able to recreate your lists using them.  (You will also want to backup 
your ~mailman/archives directories (if you find out why the files have 
gone missing) and things like any customizations you've made in 

> Can anyone help me? I am in the process of moving everyone over to 
> digest
> mode so that I can send them all a message explaining the problem.. Is 
> there
> a way to do that easily? Right now I am going through all the screens 
> in the
> Membership Management area clicking digest on every name. Its taking
> forever.. Is there an easier, more global way?

If you have shell access, you can use ~mailman/bin/withlist to set 
everyone to digest mode:
1.  Create ~mailman/bin/alldigest.py containing:
### alldigest.py
def alldigest(m):
     for member in m.GetMembers():
         print member
         m.SetUserDigest(member, 1)
### alldigest.py
2. Run it with the 'withlist' framework on your list
./withlist -l -r alldigest yourlistname

If you don't have shell access, you can write a script that acts like a 
(fast) web browser.  Some Mailman 2.1.x-oriented examples are at 

It would be better to solve the real problem.  And/or upgrade to 2.1.x. 
  But if you do choose to proceed with the "set everyone to digest mode" 
method, backup the list first so that when the problem is eventually 
solved, you will have a record of who really wanted digest mode.

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