[Mailman-Users] temporary delivery error

Ross Anderson rosander at owbn.org
Fri Mar 25 20:46:32 CET 2005

John W. Baxter wrote:

>On 3/25/2005 10:35, "Ross Anderson" <rosander at owbn.org> wrote:
>>    I've been struggling with a delivery error on mailman that I could
>>use some help with. I'm using postfix w/ amavis-new and cyrus for local
>>users. The trouble I'm having is when a local users have exceeded thier
>>quota, the messages sent by mailman gets stuck in a  temporary delivery
>>error. Does anyone have suggestions as to what I need to focus on? I've
>>read cyrus, postfix, and mailman lists and haven't had much luck
>>locating this error. Any suggestions appreciated. Conf files avail on
>Well, you're seeing basically reasonable behavior.  A site which imposes
>quotas can either reject temporarily when a user is over quote, or reject
>permanently the first time the message is offered.
>The former assumes that users are reasonable, and will clear out their quota
>problem fairly soon.  The latter assumes that users are ignoring their mail.
>If you want to change the behavior, the Postfix configuration (about which I
>know nothing) would be the place to look.  Interestingly, the O'Reilly book
>"Postfix, The Definitive Guide" (my copy was printed in Dec 2003...first
>edition) does not mention "quota" in its index.
>  --John
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Well the confusion I seem to be having here is cyrus-mailman related 
since it is the program handling local quota's. Cyrus bounces mail when 
single mail is recieved from local or outside mail accounts.  This odd 
behaviour only occurs with mailman which is why I'm a bit puzzled. I'd 
like to get the message bouncing back to mailman right away like it does 
with users that are not locally hosted.

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