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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sat Mar 26 04:05:20 CET 2005

At 6:31 PM -0800 2005-03-25, John W. Baxter wrote:

>  But at any rate, Exim 3 to ?? Is a very good opportunity to consider Postfix
>  rather than Exim 4 as the ??.  Mailman 2.x to 3.0 will likely present a
>  similar opportunity to look around at what else there is.

	I suspect that Mailman 2.x to 3.x will not be that rough.  Yes, 
the architectural changes internally are quite massive, but I see no 
reason that a "make upgrade" process shouldn't be able to read the 
old pickle format data and rewrite that into whatever the new format 
is.  I don't think that Mailman is as complex a program as either 
postfix or Exim, and I don't think the changes are going to be that 

	Of course, I wasn't around for the 2.0.x to 2.1.x conversion, so 
I can't speak for how this has worked in the past.

>                                                             (The seemingly
>  never-ending lack of Majordomo 2 was what moved us to Mailman from
>  Majordomo.)

	What drove me to Mailman was not the lack of Majordomo2 per se, 
but was that there were so many additional things I had to add to the 
system to get it working the way I wanted, and adding Majorcool plus 
MHonArc to our existing Majordomo installation was likely to be about 
as painful as switching everything over to Mailman instead.

	Mailman is certainly not perfect, but I think it's a lot more 
scalable and certainly more easily managed than Majordomo, and that's 
good enough for me.

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