[Mailman-Users] Wierd Problem creating list

Tamara Yoggev tyoggev at 013.net
Mon Mar 28 10:35:25 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I've just installed mailman on a Linux machine with postfix. I'm having the following problems, which may be related, I just can't figure out.

1) I went through all the install steps, created a site mailing list (mailman), and a few other mailing lists (tamara, tests, whatever).
I DO get the notification email from mailman-owner, the lists DO appear in the /usr/local/mailman/lists folder but when I go to the link:
  http://www.aishlist.com/mailman/admin/tamara I get "No such list tamara"

2) when I try to create a list via the web interface, I get 
Error: You are not authorized to create new mailing lists
, I AM using the list creator password which I created. (besides that I can create a list via the command line 
as I've stated above)

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks a lot,

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