[Mailman-Users] Unable to subscribe.

Matthew A. Marshall Matthew.Marshall at noaa.gov
Tue Mar 29 20:02:39 CEST 2005

I see the qrunner has the option of running in verbose mode.  However, I 
do not see how to enable this option with the mailmanctl script.  I 
would rather not go in and edit the qrunner script.  Is there something 
obvious I'm missing?

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Matthew A. Marshall wrote:
>>This is what I see.  We have a mail router which accepts incoming email 
>>for anyone at noaa.gov.  This includes mailing lists.  The 
>>listname-request at noaa.gov gets forwarded to 
>>listname-request at listserver.noaa.gov.   I see the message come in and 
>>get sent to mailman.  Nothing after that.  If I send the confirmation to 
>>listname-request at listserver.noaa.gov instead of 
>>listname-request at noaa.gov I see the message come in, get sent to mailman 
>>and then the welcome message sent back out.  This makes absolutly no 
>>sense as to why it works one way, but not the other.
>It makes no sense to me either, but it seems that somehow the process
>of forwarding from listname-request at noaa.gov to
>listname-request at listserver.noaa.gov is changing something in the
>message other than just adding another Received: header. Does it
>rewrite the envelope sender? I don't even know if this would matter -
>just grasping at straws - but something must be going on in that
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