[Mailman-Users] urgent help needed (removing messages from archive)

Christopher Adams chris.a.adams at state.or.us
Tue May 3 01:18:57 CEST 2005

Here is what you posted, with a little more detail. You need command line access to Mailman.

Locate the message in the web archives and load it up for reference.

Stop the mailman runner so the mailbox won't be touched while you're working
cd /home/mailman && bin/mailman stop

Back up the list archives for the list you're editing:
cd /home/mailman/archives/private
mkdir listname.backup
cp -pr listname listname.mbox listname.backup/

Edit the mbox file in vi or something...
vi listname.mbox/listname.mbox

Find the message you want and replace its content with a "this message deleted" message.
Do not remove the entire message, as this will cause URLs to later messages in the archive to break!

Rebuild the list archives:
cd /home/mailman && bin/arch --wipe listname

Reload that message from the web archives and make sure it looks ok.

Start the mailman runner:
bin/mailmanctl start

G. Paolo Sanino V. wrote:

> Dear Mailman,
> I am the administrator of a new list using Mailman, to a non profit coalision 
> of environmental organizations arrond the world.
> This is a great software. We are really happy with it.  But during the tests, 
> I was crating some messages. Now everybody can see the tests messages in the 
> archives. I have looked for some meny about how to delete the archive, but no 
> way. This is all I found, trying to not to bother you with this.
> remove $prefix/archives/private/listname 
>  edit $prefix/archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox [optional] 
>  run $prefix/bin/arch listname
> but I do not know what is means at all... :)   where to put this commands? :)
> My job can be in risk because of this mistake...
> I really need your help
> Thanks so much,
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