[Mailman-Users] Subscribing from cell phones

Scot Hacker shacker at birdhouse.org
Thu May 5 07:45:18 CEST 2005

FWIW, I found the command-line tools add_members and remove_members, 
which allowed me to write a simple shell  script to manage subscribes  
and unsubscribes by drawing from files. So we'll have  PHP forms for 
subbing and unsubbing, which will write to new_subs.txt and 
del_subs.txt. Then we just  run this shell script once per hour, and get 
around the confirmations problem with cell phones (though I'm surprised 
-- aren't there any other mailman lists out there with people subbing 
their cell phones? you'd  think there would be a better way...)

# Add new subscribers to mailing list from text file
# Then remove subscribers from an unsub list

# Define location of subscribers text file:

# Define location of unsub file:

# Add all addresses in the sub file
/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/mailman/bin/add_members -w y -a y -r $subfile list_domain.com

# Now  blank the file for future additions
echo "" > $subfile

# Unsub all addresses in the unsub file
/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/mailman/bin/remove_members -n -f $unsubfile list_domain.com

# Now  blank the file for future additions
echo "" > $unsubfile

Works great!

Scot Hacker wrote:

>I have  a list  owner who runs a list designed to be subscribed to from 
>text-messaging cell phones (list traffic consists only of  a daily haiku 
>- very neat). People can use the web interface to sign up, but the 
>confirmations are a problem. The subscription confirmation arrives at 
>the phone, the user  replies to it, and then... nada. Seems to go into a 
>bit bucket. I've confirmed that the ID cookie does make it across just fine.
>A little later, the list owner receives  a copy of the message below. 
>At  first I thought there was  some discrepancy between the Return-Path: 
>and the From: headers, but when I send a regular email from the phone to 
>myself, they both come through fine, and match. I'm stumped.
>The list owner *really* wants to turn off confirmations altogether, but 
>I don't see  any way to do this. Is  there one? If  confirmations 
>absolutely can't be disabled, any ideas on why cell phone subscriptions 
>fail, or  what  can be  done about it?
>*From: *mailman-bounces at tinywords.com
>*Date: *May 2, 2005 9:51:59 PM PDT
>*To: *Haiku-owner at tinywords.com
>*Subject: Uncaught bounce notification
>The attached message was received as a bounce, but either the bounce
>format was not recognized, or no member addresses could be extracted
>from it. This mailing list has been configured to send all
>unrecognized bounce messages to the list administrator(s).
>For more information see:
>From: *5102925586 at vtext.com
>*Date: *May 2, 2005 9:51:54 PM PDT
>*To: *Haiku-bounces at tinywords.com
>*Subject: confirm f9bc6456b89ec9c10360aaa140411e154f0ff60b
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