[Mailman-Users] Followup: "No Address associated with nodename"

Andy Skuse andy1 at rainycitynights.com
Thu May 5 06:13:30 CEST 2005

On 26-Apr-05, at 11:53 AM, larryt at winfirst.com wrote:

> Andy Skuse <andy1 at rainycitynights.com> writes:
>> Problem: Mailman won't receive or send posts, and logs indicate a  
>> "low
>> level SMTP error: (7, "No address associated with nodename").
>> I found a brief discussion of this topic in the archives but a
>> resolution still hasn't yet been posted that I've seen. Does anyone
>> have any new information? MM v 2.14 for OS 10.3.x. Thanks.
> Sounds like an incomplete MTA setup.  Can the mailman user send mail
> from the command line?

Hi Larry,

I never got to try your suggestion, but I just finished upgrading to  
Mac OS 10.4 Server and the problem was fixed without any extra  
tinkering on my part. Thanks for responding though.

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