[Mailman-Users] attempting to post to the FAQ page Mailman FAQ Edit Wizard

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Fri May 6 18:19:31 CEST 2005

In a flurry of recycled electrons, Aaron Brashear wrote:

> I am a list manager and was directed by my Mailman manager (hosting 
> provider) to the Mailman FAQ Edit Wizard. When i did not find an answer 
> to my question, I attempted to post to the list. It is not allowing me 
> to do so, presumably since I do not have an account or access?

Not sure why you were sent to the FAQ edit, you need the FAQ search. 
I'd say that the proper place for unanswered questions is this list.

> 3.56. tracking whether mailing list is actually reaching members of the 
> list
> Checking to see if there is a method to confirm if a post is A. sent 
> and B. if it went out to all members of the list. Some of my list 
> members have been receiving posts to the list (e-mails) others have 
> not. Tying to see if the list server is for some reason omitting 
> members. Currently only 2 members are set to digest mode, all others 
> should receive and mail/post sent to the list.

For (a), I have all my lists send the posts to my local email and an
external email address. If they both get it, then it's been through
the list processor.

For (b), the message will be attempted to all members that aren't marked
as 'nomail', and you can reasonably be sure that's happening. What you 
can't see at the mailman level is whether the sending MTA is able to 
deliver the message (after getting it from mailman). You really need to 
be looking at the MTA logs.


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