[Mailman-Users] Sanitizer settings

Scot Hacker shacker at birdhouse.org
Mon May 9 20:41:28 CEST 2005

A user is asking why  HTML messages are ending up with attachments 
(which their organization is bouncing back to them since it doesn't 
allow HTML attachments). I found this in Defaults.py


The comments there say:
# 2 - Leave it inline, but HTML-escape it

I  added this to mm_cfg.py. Then I  changed the 1 to 2, but it doesn't 
seem to have any effect. Formatted messages still come through with 
attachments, and when I view source on a message, the HTML does not 
appear to be escaped. Ran mailmanctl restart, but no difference. How can 
I make formatted messages appear inline without attachments?


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