[Mailman-Users] shunt dir and "Uncaught runner exception"

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sat May 14 00:27:16 CEST 2005

At 5:57 PM -0400 2005-05-13, Charles Sprickman wrote:

>  I'm also a bit lost at this point as to what the recommended production
>  release is.  The website points to 2.1.5 as "stable", but it seems like
>  most folks posting here are using a 2.1.6 snapshot.  Which is preferred
>  for production use?

	Well, 2.1.5 is the latest official "release" version, although 
there are a number of useful features in the source tree for 2.1.6 
(currently sitting at 2.1.6rc3, although I understand that 2.1.6rc4 
should be out soon).  In my experience, very few people are actually 
using any of the pre-release versions of 2.1.6 -- relatively few are 
even running 2.1.5.

>  I'm also running sendmail basically by default.  I'm not fond of sendmail.
>  Since I'm free to change, what is the "recommended" MTA for an older,
>  sluggish box?

	Sendmail takes a bit more work to set up to work well for mailing 
lists.  If you want an MTA that works better for mailing lists 
out-of-the-box, my experience is that postfix is the best choice.

	Note that postfix is the only alternative to sendmail that was 
designed to be a drop-in functional equivalent -- as much as 
possible, anyway.  All other alternatives I know of will require 
pretty extensive changes to your mail system architecture, how you 
start up your MTA, etc....

	Also note that postfix is the only MTA I've ever encountered that 
is capable of having a truly useful two-line configuration file, and 
it is also the most easily understood configuration file format that 
I've ever seen.  You'll still have to spend some time converting your 
configuration file, but that shouldn't be too hard.

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