[Mailman-Users] Unable to access web interface

William McLain wrmclain at e-connexions.net
Mon May 16 20:39:23 CEST 2005

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>William McLain wrote:

>The log files seem to be fine.
>I zeroed them all out and they are all being written to successfully now,
>including the error log.

>Are any errors being written when you get this "Bug" message?

No... but errors are being written.  When I renamed (deleted) config.pck the
log shows that error.

>... the web interface
>shows the same "bug" message.  This is the reason I believe that the bug
>message on the web interface is reading a file somewhere instead of
>dynamically producing the page.  It has remained the same "bug" message no
>matter what I have done to any mailman files.

>Unlikely, but could it be cached in your browser or a proxy?

Well, I don't know, I refreshed my browser several times with no change and
I do not use a proxy nor am I aware of any proxy in use.

In another effort to "fix"the problem, I removed all lists and created them
again, but still had the same "bug" page showing on the web interface.  As a
last resort, I removed mailman fron the system and reinstalled it.  That
fixed the problem.  Fortunately I do not have many lists on the server so it
wasn't too much work.  At least it seemed easier than trying to track down
the actual problem.

Well, anyhow, thanks for your help

William McLain

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