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Rob Scott rob at reboot.ca
Fri May 20 19:33:17 CEST 2005

Hi all,
mailman: 2.1.5 python: 2.2.3
This problem apparently started on monday, the 16th.. several of the mailing 
lists on my system appeared to simply stop processing all messages except admin requests. New users could subscribe to the lists but no actual list traffic 
was possible, no bounce errors or anything displayed in the error log except 
the message "The master qrunner lock could not be acquired because it 
appears as if another master qrunner is already running." repeated 
basically every 10 minutes, though it appears to have been doing that for 
almost a year before the lists stopped working, so I'm not even sure this has 
anything to do with the current problem or not. I inspected the qfiles/ 
folders and there was a suspicious looking message from the 16th with an 
encoded attachment sitting in the shunt folder along with a bunch of otherwise 
normal looking files so I stopped mailman, moved that file elsewhere, and ran 
mailmanctl -s restart as indicated in the FAQ, but it doesn't seem to have any 
effect..still printing the qrunner error even if I delete the lock file and 
restart again. mail is still not going anywhere for 3 of the lists, others 
are working normally. Anyone seen this type of thing before? 
If this helps at all, after each qrunner error it's also printing a rather helpful empty line in the log, like so:

May 20 10:20:03 2005 mailmanctl(8150):


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