[Mailman-Users] Installation/Config Problems

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon May 23 23:37:14 CEST 2005

Pelkey, Jeff wrote:
>Thanks.  I already had all of that in mm_cfg.py prior to creating the list.  The fix_url used in the withlist script fixed the problem with the initial mailing list "mailman", but the /mailman/create page still shows the form posting to the 8000 port.
>Any ideas about how to resolve this issue?

If VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW = On (default), the "hostname" in the post url
of the form and also in the "Create a hostname Mailing List" line at
the top of the page comes from the environment (if found). Normally,
it will be the value of HTTP_HOST or (SERVER_NAME if no HTTP_HOST)
also an attempt is made to strip SERVER_PORT from the end. Here is the
full code in case it makes sense to you.

def get_domain():
    host = os.environ.get('HTTP_HOST', os.environ.get('SERVER_NAME'))
    port = os.environ.get('SERVER_PORT')
    # Strip off the port if there is one
    if port and host.endswith(':' + port):
        host = host[:-len(port)-1]
    if mm_cfg.VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW and host:
        return host.lower()
        # See the note in Defaults.py concerning DEFAULT_HOST_NAME
        # vs. DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST.
        hostname = mm_cfg.DEFAULT_HOST_NAME or mm_cfg.DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST
        return hostname.lower()

If you are not using virtual hosting, you can set VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW
= Off in mm_cfg.py and DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST will be used instead.

I think the real solution is just to insure that the URL used to access
the create page doesn't have the port. Note that the link to the
create page from the admin overview page is built in the same way.

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