[Mailman-Users] Trying again with the latest version - bug in install doc?

Brian Parish bmp at univexsystems.com
Tue Nov 1 04:32:18 CET 2005

I got 2.1.5 supposedly working, although it was failing to send messages to 
mailing list subscribers.  Anyway, instead of debugging that I have decided 
to try the latest version.

Installed from source using the default locations.  Everything looks smooth 
until genaliases.  Same problem as first time around, except that then I 
thought the reason was a fault in my settings in mm_cfg.py

bin/genaliases runs without any errors, but generates only data/aliases, not 

By the time we get to this step, the install docs have had me enter 
virtual-mailman in my postfix/main.cf, so the fact that it isn't generated 
breaks postfix very effectively.  Presumably some later step creates the 
circumstances under which virtual-mailman is created?

Anyway, my mm_cfg.py looks like this:

# Put YOUR site-specific settings below this line.
IMAGE_LOGOS = '/icons/'
MTA = 'Postfix'
POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS = ['univexhosting.com']
DEFAULT_URL_HOST   = 'www.univexsystems.com'
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'univexhosting.com'

# Because we've overriden the virtual hosts above add_virtualhost
# MUST be called after they have been defined.

root at server1 [/usr/local/mailman]# bin/genaliases
root at server1 [/usr/local/mailman]# ll data
total 44
drwxrwsr-x    2 root     mailman      4096 Nov  1 13:04 ./
drwxrwsr-x   20 root     mailman      4096 Nov  1 13:12 ../
-rw-rw----    1 mailman  mailman       357 Nov  1 14:28 aliases
-rw-r-----    1 mailman  mailman     12288 Nov  1 14:28 aliases.db
-rw-r--r--    1 root     mailman        10 Nov  1 12:51 last_mailman_version
-rw-r--r--    1 root     mailman     14110 Nov  1 12:49 sitelist.cfg

What am I missing here?


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