[Mailman-Users] ignoring mm_cfg.py

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Tue Nov 1 20:14:37 CET 2005

At 1:19 PM -0500 2005-11-01, Ken Senior wrote:

>  which is eliminating the post data, though I don't really understand why
>  since I thought the $1 made sure that would be maintained.  I tried
>  following FAQ #4.27 as you specified but had no luck.  Item #1 results
>  in a limit being reached on the number of redirects, while item #2 seems
>  to have no effect.  That is, putting the following into the mm_cfg.py file:
>  DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'https://%s/mailman/'
>  and restarting mailman seems to do nothing since the pages still
>  initially send to http instead of https.  Finally, item #3 didn't fix
>  things either.

	You need to follow all of the instructions in FAQ 4.27 together, 
not individually one-by-one.  And you also need to follow the 
instructions in FAQ 4.53.

	You also need to follow the instructions in FAQ 4.29.  And FAQ 
4.53 also has to be followed here, too.

>  Many of the items in the FAQ pages are not explained very well, or
>  perhaps have a more advance audience in mind I should say.  For example,
>  what does the '%s' do above?  Also, FAQ 4.29 has several items which end
>  in '.tld'.  What's that?  I guess these pages are really intended for
>  more expert users, not the casual kind like myself.  Thanks for your help.

	The documentation is not as good as it could be, that's certainly 
true.  However, this is a community supported open source project, 
and if there are any features lacking in the code or any gaps in the 
documentation then you are certainly welcome to make your own 
contributions and help resolve those issues.

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