[Mailman-Users] Site Admin Password list change

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Nov 2 00:17:03 CET 2005

At 2:16 PM -0700 2005-11-01, Kory Wheatley wrote:

>  Well, it doesn't work for me to authenticate to a list using the Admin
>  listcreator password.

	What do you mean by "Admin listcreator password"?  That should be 
the Site Admin password, and you should be able to use it to 
authenticate to the admin page for any list on that system, and from 
there go to the list archives or any other page requiring either user 
or list admin authentication.

	You may not be able to go directly to the list archives with the 
Site Admin password, but it's easy enough to get to them through the 
main admin page for the list.

>                         I can use the site Adminstrator password to get
>  into any list.

	Right, as described above.

>                  I'm running Mailman 2.1.6.  This type of feature for
>  different levels of access to a list might be a good feature in the
>  future for Mailman.

	Feel free to go to the Mailman RFE page on SourceForge at 
<http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=103&atid=350103> and file 
your request there.  Alternatively, if you can provide a patch (or 
get someone else to write a suitable patch for you), you can upload 
that via the Mailman Patches page on SourceForge at 
<http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=103&atid=300103>, and this 
issue will be much more likely to be addressed sooner rather than 

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