[Mailman-Users] virtual mail problem

Kanogin A.A. kanogin at sandy.ru
Thu Nov 3 00:04:19 CET 2005

Здравствуйте, Mark.

Вы писали 3 ноября 2005 г., 1:40:34:

MS> Kanogin A.A.

>>MS> Your aliases are good. The problem appears to be that Postfix does not
>>MS> recognize "|/usr/local/mailman/mail/mailman post lugnn" as a pipe and
>>MS> is treating it as a username.
>>MS> This is a Postfix configuration issue of some kind.
>>my main.cf:

MS> <snip>

>>my master.cf

MS> <snip>

MS> Beyond verifying that your aliases look correct, I can't help you with
MS> Postfix configuration. Someone else on the Mailman list might be able
MS> to help, but this is a generic Postfix configuration issue. I.e., an
MS> alias of the form

MS> name: "|/path/to/command args"

MS> is trying to redirect mail addressed to name at domain to
MS> "|/path/to/command args"@domain instead of piping it to the command.

MS> You would be more likely to get timely help by using Postfix support
MS> resources rather than Mailman support resources.

I'm found main problem. I try using domain zxc.nnov.ru, but is the
virtual domain.
I switch zxc.nnov.ru to local domain? from virtual, and get mail from
lugnn-bounces at zxc.nnov.ru, that's shows a correctness of work in a
local mode.

Thanks on this step

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