[Mailman-Users] Subscribing someone from a CGI script

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Nov 3 08:37:27 CET 2005

At 11:34 PM -0800 2005-11-02, Steve Vance wrote:

>  My Web Hosting ISP runs the Mailman installation thru CPanel, and won't
>  let me recompile Mailman or anything drastic like that. Any ideas on how
>  I can easily accomplish what I want to do? Some kind of Mailman "API"
>  that will let me add and remove members from another process?

	The command-line tools are the API.  If you can't use them 
because your web server is trying to run them under the wrong group 
id, I don't know that there's anything else we can do for you.

>  This would come in handy in several other ways. I would also like to
>  have columns in my MySQL membership database about which listserves the
>  member is subscribed to, some way of automatically keeping that
>  up-to-date.

	There is an unsupported third-party MySQL MemberAdapter, and it 
may be possible to do what you want through it, if you take other 
operations and do them directly to the database in a way that Mailman 
will properly understand.  However, you would need to talk to the 
author of the MemberAdapter to get more information on how to do 
these sorts of things.  I recommend searching the Mailman FAQ Wizard 
as well as the archives of the list.

>              Also, I don't seem to have stumbled across a "Newsgroups
>  <--> Mailman" gateway. Did I just overlook that?

	Yes, you did.  There is a built-in bi-directional news/mail 
gateway.  On the top level of the web admin interface for your 
mailing list, there is a link labeled "Mail<->News gateways".  At 
least, it should be there unless the CPanel folks or your hosting 
provider disabled that.

	Speaking of which, when it comes to CPanel, make sure you read 
FAQ 6.11 at 

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