[Mailman-Users] Editing my list's messages to clean them of unwanted text.

Agustín Barahona barahona at egiptologia.net
Thu Nov 3 15:37:32 CET 2005

Dear list mates,

Until now I used Majordomo and thanks to this software I was able to edit the messages arrived to moderation, thus being able to clean or correct in them everything what our rules don't allow or don't recommend (for example, advertising messages in the message's foot, the unwanted or execeeded quoted text, etc...). I'm director-editor of several scientific mail-lists and this type of lists, as many list mates probably know, are expected to work this way, like a collective publication with an editor-moderator at the head. Even in several cases it's necessary to include in the messages moderator's detailed notes in order to these ones stay invariably associated to the correspondent message.

I've just moved to Mailman, but I stayed very disappointed when --despite I was told by a friend that it was perfectly possible to do the same things than in Majordomo-- I've seen the messages couldn't be edited, like it was done in Majordomo. Nevertheless, I'm sure it has to exist a way to edit them and then send them with the same intact and original headers, and that is why I'm writing this message.

How could one be able of editing or modifying those messages sent by my users to my Mailman lists? Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

My best wishes,
Agustín Barahona

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