[Mailman-Users] Mailman move problem

kevinc at seaplace.org kevinc at seaplace.org
Thu Nov 3 17:39:29 CET 2005

Dear List -

I recently have changed mail servers and my attempt at moving Mailman
appears to have only partially succeeded.


check_perms comes back fine - Good.
cron is running the news_port command every 5 minutes (good cron check)
The web interface works fine - all list look great - Good.
Mail sent to a list appears in a qfile - Good.
Qrunner is running - Good.
Mailmanctrl is running - Good.
Nothing is being sent to Postfix - Bad!!!
Qfile In directory purged just in case, still nothing.


Gentoo 2.6.13 running 2.6.13-gentoo.r3 kernel, 64-bit, on an AMD64 3000.
Postfix - but nothing fancy - no virtual domains, etc.
Mailman 2.1.5-r3 build via emerge into the standard location

Help!!! <with a smile>


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