[Mailman-Users] List subscribers receiving duplicate messages: help!

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Nov 4 00:13:01 CET 2005

At 7:49 PM +0000 2005-11-03, Iain D.Brown wrote:

>    I know munging the Reply-To, to force all responses to be sent
>    to list at disney.example.dom, is not the done thing. So is there
>    any way of making Mailman clean up the header information,
>    perhaps to remove all the names in the CC field except for the
>    list address?

	I don't think so -- not within Mailman, at least.  But your MTA 
may well be able to be configured to do something like this, 
depending on the MTA.

>  Problem 2: (which is related to problem 1) when a subscriber
>    replies to a message, Mailman does not take notice of the
>    addresses in the To: or CC: fields, and thus some subscribers
>    are receiving multiple copies of messages, even though their
>    settings say "No Dupes". To continue the example from above,
>    poor Minnie, Pluto and Mickey are all receiving duplicates of
>    the message from me -- once via the list and once from me
>    direct. What would be causing this?

	Mailman does attempt to prevent copies of messages being sent to 
addresses that it can see on the To: and Cc: headers, but if a person 
has multiple different addresses and one is subscribed to the list 
and another is displayed in the headers, there's nothing that Mailman 
can do for you.

	This problem would need to be resolved with a tool like procmail, 
on the recipient system.

	Good luck!

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