[Mailman-Users] List subscribers receiving duplicate messages:help!

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Nov 4 02:56:52 CET 2005

Brad Knowles wrote:

>At 7:49 PM +0000 2005-11-03, Iain D.Brown wrote:
>>    I know munging the Reply-To, to force all responses to be sent
>>    to list at disney.example.dom, is not the done thing. So is there
>>    any way of making Mailman clean up the header information,
>>    perhaps to remove all the names in the CC field except for the
>>    list address?
>	I don't think so -- not within Mailman, at least.  But your MTA 
>may well be able to be configured to do something like this, 
>depending on the MTA.

Brad is correct. The real problem is that few MUAs/email clients offer
the option of 'list reply'. Ideally, all MUAs would provide a widget
to reply to the address in the List-Post: header only, but few do.
Thus, "the rest of us" are left with the standard two choices - reply
(to poster) and reply-all (to list, poster and all prior posters in
the thread). Actually, choice 2 is sometimes desired, since in some
cases poster is a digest member or not a member at all. It is a good
thing I think to keep digest members current on the threads they've
posted to.

As far as doing this outside Mailman, this may be doable, but is it
desired. It depends on your list. A person may post to a problem list
about a current problem and Cc a user or manager and may want them to
also be Cc'd on replies. Only Mailman would know which Ccs were list

>>  Problem 2: (which is related to problem 1) when a subscriber
>>    replies to a message, Mailman does not take notice of the
>>    addresses in the To: or CC: fields, and thus some subscribers
>>    are receiving multiple copies of messages, even though their
>>    settings say "No Dupes". To continue the example from above,
>>    poor Minnie, Pluto and Mickey are all receiving duplicates of
>>    the message from me -- once via the list and once from me
>>    direct. What would be causing this?
>	Mailman does attempt to prevent copies of messages being sent to 
>addresses that it can see on the To: and Cc: headers, ...

if they've selected no dupes. It doesn't supress digest delivery since
digests can contain other posts. It works in current versions AFAIK.
(You are addressed in this post. Do you get a duplicate?). This may be
an issue with 2.1.2 or with your provider's customization.

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