[Mailman-Users] BBoard

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Nov 4 04:44:25 CET 2005

JT wrote:
>I would like to mirror on of my mailing lists to a BBoard.  I tried
>doing this by subscribing post+bboardname at bboardhost.com to the mailing
>list.  However there is a slight problem with this.  Anyone could have a
>password reminder sent to the BBoard where it would be visible


The only password reminder that should be sent to
post+bboardname at bboardhost.com is the one for that member, and you can
turn off reminders for that member on that member's options page.

>Is there any way I can: A) turn off the ability to get
>password reminders sent, or B) administer a mailing list subscription
>from another email address, ie where password reminder would get sent to
>me instead of the BBoard?  Thanks!

In addition to turning off reminders for the one
post+bboardname at bboardhost.com member (which I think is the best
approach in this case), You can also go to the list's General Options
page and A) set send_reminders to No or B) (not quite your 'B') set
umbrella_list to Yes and umbrella_member_suffix to '-owner' (the
default) and all password reminders will be sent to listname-owner
instead of the member.

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