[Mailman-Users] Mailman and multimaster redundancy

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Nov 4 07:17:47 CET 2005

At 10:24 PM -0500 2005-11-03, Mordechai T. Abzug wrote:

>  I'd like to set up GNU Mailman for high-availabilty via multimaster
>  redundancy, ie. with two servers such that configuration and
>  subscription changes can occur on either server and will automatically
>  be propagated to the other server.
>  Can GNU Mailman do this?

	Mailman wasn't really designed to do this sort of thing, but 
there are some features it does have which makes something along 
these lines at least achievable.

	It is easy enough to split up the incoming mail server(s), 
outgoing mail server(s), and front-end proxy web server(s) onto 
separate machines.

	Splitting the Mailman instance itself is a bit more difficult, 
and would need to be done via NFS or other shared network storage 
facility with the appropriate file locking mechanisms, etc....  Using 
NFS for this may tend to make the overall installation more brittle 
and less reliable, because many vendors don't fully or properly 
support NFS or shared network storage to the level that you would 
need/desire.  But, that may still be the best method available to you.

	I don't know if there is a FAQ entry on this subject in 
particular, but you should search the FAQ Wizard for "performance", 
and search the archives of this list.  It shouldn't be too hard to 
turn up some relevant messages on this topic.

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