[Mailman-Users] List Info Page

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Nov 6 18:31:54 CET 2005

David wrote:

>When I go to my mailman  list info page located at:
>It says to contact mailman at mail.greater-lansing.com which is not address 
>at all and it should display. webmaster at greater-lansing.com    Is there 
>some place I can change that?  I am on Cpanel install.

I'm not sure if your issue is with the 'mailman' or the
'mail.greater-lansing.com' or both.

'mailman' is the name of the site list. You can't have a specific list
or list owner here, because this is the overview page. The idea is
that this sitewide entry is the address of the site list, and the
various list-owners and/or other people who should get this mail
should be subscribed to the site list.

'mail.greater-lansing.com' is the email host associated with the url
host 'mail.greater-lansing.com'. If this is not correct, e.g., if it
should be 'greater-lansing.com', the problem is in DEFAULT_URL_HOST,
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and/or add_virtualhost() entries in
Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py or it's something specific to cPanel.

If the problem is that the site list is in a completely different
domain and mail to 'site_list at your_email_domain' doesn't work at all,
this is a consequence of the cPanel changes to 'localize' list names
to a domain and has to be addressed by cPanel.

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