[Mailman-Users] post a message to list, but no response

Andy Gao gaoandy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 21:31:39 CET 2005


I am new to mailman. I installed mailman2.1.6 on my fedora core 3 machine
from source. I used sendmail8.13.1-2 as MTA.

I set up a new list, say list at example.com, and I can subscribe to the list
and I also get the mail from list at example.com to confirm my subscrision.

But when I submit a message to list at example.com, I don't get the email
response and there is no archive message.

(BTW, I skipped mm-handler for mailman sendmail integration, and manually
add the list to /etc/aliases then run newaliases. Will that be a problem?
And also I am confused with the "DEFAULT_URL_HOST" and "DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST"
in the mmcfg.py configuration. I set them to example.com<http://example.com>.
Is that correct?)

I followed the instruction on
and everything seems to be working well.

1. there is error msg in smtp-error: "Nov 08 13:02:03 2005 (14693) SMTP
session failure: 554, 5.3.5 buildaddr: unknown mailer mailman,..."

(I guess something wrong with my host and domain setup in sendmail .... but
i am not sure since i am new to both software)

Thank you for your help.


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