[Mailman-Users] Slow Outgoing Queue

Harold Paulson haroldp at sierraweb.com
Wed Nov 9 00:33:42 CET 2005

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>> As you can see, nearly an hour elapsed between the time the message 
>> was
>> approved by a list moderator, and the time Mailman *started* delivery.
>> I would not expect that the MTA is involved in that part of the
>> process, at all.
> Except that the delay is likely because the OutgoingRunner was
> slugishly making its way through the "between 80 and 100 .pck files in
> queue/out at this time", each of which is a separate message to be
> delivered.

Each .pck is a separate email message (to one recipient)?  Or each one 
is a separate post with many recipients?  Is 80-100 items in queue/out 
a lot?

I have another MLM that typically hands messages off to this MTA at 
20-30/second, and I wrote it, so I know it isn't fast.  :)

  Does Mailman send messages out serially?

> The question is why is OutgoingRunner so slow as to create such a
> backlog or perhaps what happened to dump all these messages into the
> queue at once.

Is there any way for me to examine these files?  Or do I need to be a 
Python programmer for that?

> Also, there could be an issue with the qfiles/out directory being
> physically large even if it only contains a smaller nubmer of entries
> now, although that should only affect storing new queue entries, not
> retrieving them. See the post at
> <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2005-July/045667.html>
> for more info on this and some other tips too.

Aha!  There is one very big file in there.  I shall whack it.

	- H

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