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Jared Rimer jrimer at tagline.cc
Wed Nov 9 07:00:25 CET 2005

Understood, but what address would I be using for the bounce on the 
address that I'd use for the jpalmer+k12=mo.us at zonebbs.us?  Confused.

At 21:21 11/8/2005, you wrote:
>Jared Rimer wrote:
> >I don't understand the second paragraph.
> >
> >At 20:26 11/8/2005, you wrote:
> >>Jared Rimer wrote:
> >>
> >> >Would the Eudora redirect work?
> >>
> >>It might. It removes a bunch of headers and replaces others and rewraps
> >>the message body, but it might work. You could try it, but you'd never
> >>know if it worked or not, since if the bounce were unrecognized, it
> >>would just go to the list owner assuming the option to notify the list
> >>owner was even selected.
> >>
> >>The best thing is if the host is using VERP like envelope sender, and
> >>you can determine the actual bouncing user's address, you could
> >>redirect the notice to
> >>listname-bounces+recipient=recipient.domain at list.domain, and then it
> >>will always be recognized.
> >>
> >>If the previous paragraph is not clear, check the Return-Path:, Sender:
> >>or Errors-To: header in any message you have received from the
> >>mailman-users at python.org list.
>OK. I removed you from the To: list of this post so the copy you are
>reading came to you from the list. The envelope was sent to you by
>mailman-users-bounces+jrimer=tagline.cc at python.org which may be
>reflected in a Return-Path: header in the message, and that address is
>also in the Sender: and Errors-To: headers of the message. This is
>called a VERP (Variable Envelope Return Path) like address. It is
>"VERP like" because it is addressed that way by Mailman as opposed to
>true VERP which would be done by the MTA.
>If such a message bounces and is properly returned, it will be returned
>to mailman-users-bounces+jrimer=tagline.cc at python.org which will be
>delivered the same as if it were returned to
>mailman-users-bounces at python.org, but the extra address information is
>available to the bounce processor so it can unequivocally determin the
>bouncing address.
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