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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Nov 9 07:45:06 CET 2005

Jared Rimer wrote:

>Understood, but what address would I be using for the bounce on the 
>address that I'd use for the jpalmer+k12=mo.us at zonebbs.us?  Confused.

The issue here is that even humans have a hard time parsing the message
you received. If I had to guess, and that's all it would be in this
case, I'd guess the address that bounced was

jpalmer,FirstClass at msb.k12.mo.us

If in fact, that is the address the post was sent to, then the VERP
like return address would be

users-bounces+jpalmer,FirstClass=msb.k12.mo.us at zonebbs.com

There are some problems however. In general, the address that bounces
could have been a forwarding address of the actual member address.
Thuse it really isn't possible to know the proper VERP like address to
return to unless it is visible in a Sender: or Errors-To: header in a
returned copy of the bounced message.

Basically, this whole process isn't worth the energy we're spending on
it. Just ignore the bounce, return it to the -owner as you did or
resend it to the -bounces address, and forget it.

If you are a frequent poster, and these bounces are regular and
annoying, take it up with the list owner who may chose to suspend
delivery to or unsubscribe the offender.

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