[Mailman-Users] Different servers

Benjamin Mack bmack at kirix.com
Wed Nov 9 18:59:26 CET 2005

Hey everybody,

I got a difficult (for me) situation here:

I have a webserver with my domain and an outsourced mail server with a 
company that set up my mail addresses (where I can create pop-accounts 
through a web interface).

Lately I wanted to set up a mailman installation on my webserver, with a 
mailing list like "members at kirix.com". But mailman requires an MTA on 
the system, but since the MTA for my domain is on another (for me not 
configurable) mail server, I would just like to have something like this 
on my webserver, since I do not want an extra mailserver there:

* a program checks periodically for new messages on the pop-account and 
then forwards it to the mailman
* mailman evaluates and adds it to the list.
* outgoing mails from mailman are going through the already installed 
default config sendmail

Has anybody experienced with that? Or is this something like a "don't do 
that"-thing since I did not find manuals for that kind of situation? 
Maybe there is another, easy way to solve this problem!?

I would appreciate every help on this case.

Thanks in advance.


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