[Mailman-Users] Admin don't received nothing --

mailing by GSoft mailing at giardina-software.org
Thu Nov 10 13:15:04 CET 2005

Hello all,

i have the following problem with mailman; a user subscript at my list 
from a link, after few second it received the msg confirm3873927ecc. 
After, it replay the msg to confirm the cycle, or directly goes on the 
page of the list to reconfirm the subscription. Well the user received 
always the two mail, but the admin nothing, why??

Then, sometime when modified the file mm_cfg.py, it don't keep the new 
value, it stored always the directive DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and 
DEFAULT_URL_HOST with mail.mydomain.org.

If there someone can help me a lot..thanks in advance

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