[Mailman-Users] redirection and firewall

Lionel Roubeyrie lroubeyrie at limair.asso.fr
Thu Nov 10 15:34:57 CET 2005

Hello all,
I new in the mailman world, I installed it (mailman 2.1.1) on a RedHat ES3 
server with apache and postfix. This server is on our local network, and the 
network is behind a firewall. "pythie" (the local server) is the host for 
several websites (internals) and mailman works fine in this configuration. 
Now, on another server on the net, we have our official website 
(http://www.limair.asso.fr) but the provider doesn't provide a mailing-list 
server, then I want to redirect the users from the official website to our 
local server when they want to subscribe to our mailinglist.
To do so, I have opened the appropriate port on the firewall and redirect all 
incoming requests to "pythie". The subscription page appears clearly and the 
confirm-email is send to the user, but in the mail the user have to go to 
http://pythie/mailman/confirm/... and not 
Another thing is when the web-user connects on pythie and request the listinfo 
page, he see the "firewall-IP Mailing Lists" and no mailing lists in the 
list :-(
What do I have to do, I search on the documentation but I don't find anything 
for that case?
Lionel Roubeyrie - lroubeyrie at limair.asso.fr

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