[Mailman-Users] HELP, using WIN XP Pro, Admin panel problems#2

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Nov 11 02:32:44 CET 2005

John W. Baxter wrote:

>On 11/10/05 9:12 AM, "Bob Bales" <mustang_56 at namstalgia.com> wrote:
Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>> Your web browser is not accepting cookies.
>> Mark, I have cookies turned on in both IE6 and in Firefox. Or at least they
>> say they are on.
>Or the failing machine's clock is way off.  Did it forget about the end of
>daylight time, perhaps?

I don't think the clock on the machine running the web browser has any
effect no matter how far off it is. There is a 'timestamp' encoded in
the cookie, but this timestamp is created on the Mailman host machine
and then validated upon receipt back against the host machine's clock.
The client machine isn't even aware that the cookie contains a
timestamp. I think the only case where time is a problem is if the
host sends me a cookie and then daylight saving time/summer time ends
and I send the cookie containing the timestamp which is now later that
the current host time.

The original post in this thread seemed to say that this problem
affected all users, thus I said

>This is typically caused by not accepting cookies in your browser, but
>since it appears to be a global issue, it may have something to do
>with the server's sending/receiving of cookies.

Then in a followup, Bob said that he had the problem on his machine,
but not on his granddaughter's. Thus, it is clearly not a server level
issue, but must be a problem with the local machine. I think it must
be cookie related.

I suggest in IE6, go to Tools->Internet Options->Privacy->Sites and set
the mailman host domain to always allow cookies.

I don't know Firefox directly, but in Netscape 8 it would be under
Tools->Options->Site Controls and you have to be sure cookies are
enabled for the trust level of the mailman host domain.

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