[Mailman-Users] HTML/MIME Message Creation Question

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Nov 11 17:43:51 CET 2005

Tim Kresse wrote:
>Outlook 2000 is my desktop email program, and I am administering an
>announcement member email list that I want to send out as MultiPart MIME
>including an HTML and Text portion. I have tested my list settings and know
>that already encoded MIME messages send OK, what I cannot figure out is how
>to create new messages. I have an template for both the HTML and Plain-text
>portions I want to be able to reuse.

If you're asking how to create a multipart/alternative message with
text/plain and text/html sub-parts with Lookout - er, Outlook - , that
is an Outlook question and not a Mailman question.

If you're asking how to pass such a message through Mailman unscathed,
currently (2.1.6) you have to turn off content filtering (or not turn
it on). Content filtering, regardless of what other filtering it does
if any, will collapse any remaining multipart/alternative parts into
just the first remaining sub-part. The next release will include a
list option to not do this. If you need this option now to enable
content filtering, but not collapse multipart/alternative, see

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