[Mailman-Users] Including today's date in the "Prefix for subjectline of list postings"

JB jbbryant at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 23:20:14 CET 2005

Thanks. I did know about the %d option, which made me think there might
be a date option as well.

One further question, then. Do you know of a way that I can start the
sequence number from a number other than 1?

I've been running a weekly subscription list for nearly 6 years, with
one message per week. But I've been doing it using good ol' email and
the BCC field. I'm moving over to Mailman, but I'd prefer to count the
number of posts already sent over 6 years and then start the numbering
with the next one.

Any idea where this count is stored?


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JB wrote:
>In the General Options section, in the field that asks for "Prefix for
>subject line of list postings," Is it possible for me to add a
>that would add today's date to the subject line? I'd like to add it in
>the format mm/dd/yyyy. I've tried a few guesses but so far have only
>gotten the text I type to be transmitted literally.

There is no option to add the date. In Mailman 2.1.6, you can add a
sequence number to the prefix with something like

[XYZ %d]

where %d will be replaced by a message sequence number, but that's all.

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