[Mailman-Users] Including today's date in the "Prefix for subjectline of list postings"

Jared Rimer jrimer at tagline.cc
Mon Nov 14 03:52:02 CET 2005

What's XYZ mean in that sequence?

At 14:14 11/11/2005, you wrote:
>JB wrote:
> >
> >In the General Options section, in the field that asks for "Prefix for
> >subject line of list postings," Is it possible for me to add a variable
> >that would add today's date to the subject line? I'd like to add it in
> >the format mm/dd/yyyy. I've tried a few guesses but so far have only
> >gotten the text I type to be transmitted literally.
>There is no option to add the date. In Mailman 2.1.6, you can add a
>sequence number to the prefix with something like
>[XYZ %d]
>where %d will be replaced by a message sequence number, but that's all.
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