[Mailman-Users] One member not receiving e-mails...

David Scribner BIConsulting at blackiris.com
Tue Nov 15 13:34:58 CET 2005

At 2:55 PM -0800 11/14/05, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Jon D. Slater wrote:
>>Can someone suggest how I'd go about tracking down this problem...
>>I have a list of 52 members.  Of that list, there is 1 e-mail address
>  >that never receives e-mail from the server.  (The other 51 work fine.)

I have had the same problem recently.  Looking at the logs I could 
see that email was being sent to the list member and was not being 
rejected.  I passed that along to the list member who then contacted 
his ISP and discovered they had changed something in their set-up 
that set anti-spam filters very tight and those filters were eating 
the postings from the list.

You might have the person not getting posting to check with their ISP 
to see if they can figure out what is happening.

Hope this helps

David Scribner
BI Consulting

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