[Mailman-Users] virtuel domains + list-owner notification

Maik Weidemann maillings at jg-service.de
Tue Nov 15 14:57:57 CET 2005


At first, my lists with virtuel domains works fine!
But one problem exist! When user un-/subscribe to the list, a
notification mail is send to the list owner. And there is the problem!
This notification mail has the sender adresse
mailman-bounces at virtuelDomainOfTheList (mailman-bounces at juweb.de,
juweb.de is a virtuel domain), but this adress did not exist. The
mailman-list has the domain jg-service.de, so only
mailman-bounces at jg-service.de exist. Mailman did not creat the adress
mailman-bounces at virtuelDomain in the virtuel-domain-file for my postfix.

I use version 2.1.5
My config for virtuel domains in mm_cfg.py:

># Put YOUR site-specific settings below this line.
>MTA = 'Postfix'
>DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'jg-service.de'
>DEFAULT_HOST_NAME = 'jg-service.de'
>DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'www.jg-service.de'
>DEFAULT_URL = 'www.jg-service.de'
>IMAGE_LOGOS = '/images/'
>VIRTUAL_HOST = {'juweb.de':'juweb.de',
>                'www.juweb.de':'juweb.de'}
>add_virtualhost('juweb.de', 'juweb.de')
>add_virtualhost('www.juweb.de', 'juweb.de')
So what is my mistake?


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