[Mailman-Users] Pager in mailing list

Hal Mueller halmueller at mac.com
Wed Nov 16 02:45:17 CET 2005

This may not be a Mailman issue at all.  Pager mailers are sometimes  
persnickety about matching the name of the recipient to the actual  
pager email.

I once tried something like

alias halpager 5551234557 at my.vzw.com

so that I could encapsulate the phone number and not have it  
referenced in various scripts, but it wouldn't work.  Mail sent to  
halpager at myhost.com was always silently rejected.  Mail sent to  
5551234557 at my.vzw.com worked fine.

My suggestion would be to try setting up an alias for the pager, and  
see if you can use the alias to reach the pager.


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